Mt. Shasta Summer Conference Ticket

Mt. Shasta Summer Conference Ticket

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This is a ticket for the Mt Shasta Summer Conference July 7th-10th

After purchasing your ticket you will receive an email confirmation that your name has been added to the attendee list. Please provide Your full name and email while purchasing.


We will have a program that includes: • Incredible Speakers- Guided Meditations • Vibration Raising Mantras • Sound Healing • Actual Videos of Many Encounters • Messages from Different ET Groups •Musical Guests •Pyramids Tesla Coils Sound Light Color Laser Crystal Show Vendors • Lake Swim Time-Evening Skywatch-Workshops and More.


The schedule is not yet being released. Please see below that we have many surprise guests. Raymond Keller, Laura Eisenhower, Robert Potter, Alex Collier, Viviane Chauvet, Sarah Adams, Maureen St Germain, Neil Guar, Dave Wallace, Lowell Johnson, Apolla Asteria, Becca Bee, Suzanne Ross, Scott Werner, Isaac Mars, Dennis Adams, Frank Chile, Jamie Lu & Seth Hargett, Brad Olsen, Jane De Forest, Jane Marstellar, Issac Mars, Arcturus Ra, Brooks Agnew,  Savannah Slawson, Eric Dadmehr Sam Kiawasz John Polk Ben Chasteen and possibly some very Special Other Guests to be announced later.

The speaker schedule will be up at the end of May or early June or possibly sooner.


Please see the lineup of our Amazing Speakers by going to the very bottom of this page in a short period of time. 


It’s all about YOU and your open and loving hearts. Although our speakers are special with advanced information and full of love and knowledge, it is really about you, our guests. 

Everyone who comes makes special contact with many amazing and brilliant kindred spirits. It is these loving associations that will enrich your lives and last a lifetime. 

You will find out you’re not alone in your faith in the truth and the reality that this planet is going through a miraculous change. That we are all connected and part of the universal family of Light. 

We will enjoy the company of our fellow mankind, all lightworkers, and perhaps some secret space friends sprinkled throughout our venue. We will provide an atmosphere of community that is rarely experienced. Please bring your love and good vibes to this event.